About me

I’m Sheila, the founder of taleslikeart.com and invite you to follow my journeys from paintings to stories. Im 25 years old and studying Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship in Rotterdam.

Why this blog? Every day I think of how little time we have on earth. How short a humans life is and how many things there are to experience. So I capture here the beauty of creation, being it art, literature or the wisdom of our personal stories: Tales like Art is a diary about the preciousness of the moment. Follow me on instagram @taleslikeart to get updates on art, history & culture!

I’m happy you are joining me on taleslikeart.com. And most of all, I hope my blog encourages you to spread your wings and explore new horizons.

Enjoy and fill your life with beauty! Stay in touch!

Tales like Art meets Messerschmidt

My Inspirations


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