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Detail of the Painting "The House among the Roses" by Claude Monet.

Claude Monet: The Scent of Sun on Water

An escape on a summer day, right into Impressionism. The Batliner Collection, which is exhibited at the Albertina Museum in Vienna, is a little paradise for lovers of classic modernism. What remained after my visit were free colors, that blurred in front of my inner eye. Flickering summer air over a water lily pond: a view on the floating sides of Monet.

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A great location to take some relaxed photos: The Casa dell' Architettura in Rome.

Exploring Rome: My Top Three Tips

Vintage, photo location and design market: time for a break between the cultural treasures and exhibitions of Rome. Here come my three favorite tips for you! P.S.: this article is of course unpaid, I just wanted to share my discoveries with you. Enjoy.

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The frescoes display mythological creatures and cosmological allegories.

Cosmos & Dead Butterflies: Frescoes of the Villa Medici in Rome

Medici. Ever since I was little, I was fascinated by this family, that not only ruled with unique strategic cunning, but also commissioned some of the most important works of the Renaissance. Further more, art was an important tool for them, cleverly used to maintain power. The influence of the Medici has manifested beauty that almost scares, for example in one of their most prestigious buildings, the Villa Medici in Rome. A visit was therefore obligatory.

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The Upper Belvedere in Vienna: an oasis for the mind

It was one of those days: gray, stressful and me not inspired at all, even though I still had a lot of creative work to do. There was no better time to take a break and walk, through the light-flooded rooms of the Upper Belvedere in Vienna. A short excursion to one of the most beautiful cultural treasures in Vienna. And one of my favorite places to recharge.

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The story of Negin Rezaie at Weltmuseum Wien.

Weltmuseum Wien: The Power of Things

The Weltmuseum Wien is currently offering a new format, in which visitors are guided through scenes of migration in a mixture of performance, dialogue and museum visit. A review of an evening walk between stories, teapots and the dragon tattoo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

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visiting Admont Abbey with

Admont Abbey: Light, Gold and Wisdom. Inside of the largest monastic library worldwide

Light, gold and wisdom, these are the impressions that remain after my wonderful visit to the monastery library of the Admont Abbey. This year, the monastery celebrates its 945th anniversary. A more than welcome occasion to visit a cultural treasure, in front of which visitors can only remain silent. BONUS: At the end of my article, you find a great tip on how to spend a few wonderful days cheaply here.

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