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Claude Monet
The Scent of Sun on Water


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An escape on a summer day, right into Impressionism. The Batliner Collection, which is exhibited at the Albertina Museum in Vienna, is a little paradise for lovers of classic modernism. What remained after my visit were stories and colors, that melted in front of my inner eye. Flickering summer air over a water lily pond: a view on the floating sides of Monet.

Impressionism, it seems to me, has recently undergone a somewhat ungrateful treatment. Behind the enthusiasm for its romance and softened reality, which I admire, it is often not perceived with how much courage and pioneering spirit the first representatives of this movement broke conventions. To this day, one of the most famous members of this clique is Claude Monet. Works like “Impression, Sunrise”, “Houses of Parliament” (translated) and, of course, his variations of water lilies have shaped the consciousness of Impressionism like no other. Monet also developed a concept of serial painting, in which the “Master of Light” produced several works showing one motif in different lighting moods.

Detail of the Painting "The House among the Roses" by Claude Monet.
Detail of "The House among the Roses" by Claude Monet, 1925.

When looking at his art, Monet’s relationship to water becomes clear time and again. It drags us into a special emotion, one that breaks light and inspires our fantasy. Another central motif of Monet’s works are flowers. Just as in one of my favorite paintings, Claude Monet’s “House among the Roses”. A painting that, so beautiful, makes observants long for the scent of roses. The artwork was composed in 1925, in the later creative period of Monet, after the artist had already and obviously moved away from his roots, which lie in Realism. It shows his estate in Giverny, home to his famous garden. He had bought it in 1890.

The House among the Roses, painting by Claude Monet. Collection Batliner.
Full view: Claude Monet, The House among the Roses.1925, oil on canvas. Albertina Museum Vienna.

Creating, wandering. The price for Claude Monet’s step away from the prevailing taste of his time was high. He spent a large part of his life in poverty, always ready to leave and flee, as he paid for his artistic freedom and vision with serious financial losses. Ironically, his estate in Giverny is owned today by the Académie des Beaux-Arts, which for a long time frowned upon and blocked Impressionism.

Henri Lebasque, "Young Girls in a Mediterranean Landscape", c. 1907-1910.
Another impressionist painting @ Batliner Collection: Henri Lebasque's "Young Girls in a Mediterranean Landscape", 1907-1910.

The Batliner Collection: Since 2007 this art treasure has been under the roof of one of the most important museums in Austria, the Albertina Museum in Vienna. This collection includes works from Impressionism to contemporary art, such as Henry Matisse’s beautiful “Parrot Tulips” or Claude Monet’s famous “Water Lily Pond”. Website: Click here. 

In front of the sculpture of the muse Erato
Ready for meeting a muse? Strolling through the premises of the Albertina Museum in Vienna.

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