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Jeroen van Haele:
The silent sea


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Translated review of the german edition “Die stille See”. Emilio, a deaf boy, who barely speaks, discovers his world through the ears of his older neighbor and fatherly friend Javier. A story about the love for the sea and the sun, growing up- and a friendship, as we wish it for Emilio.

I love children’s books. Alone, how much more honest adults write here. The icing on the cake, however, are the illustrations – each one creates its own, so detached fantasy world. Very special if good, just like the illustrators and the stories themselves. Yesterday, I took the book about Emilio and his best friend Javier off the shelf. I just looked at the cover and knew, something beautiful was rolling towards me. 


It’s a blue cover, depicting a boy with the feet in the ocean, a dove with painted wings sitting on his hand. Jeroen van Haele tells us a story about growing up with an older friend, who loves unconditionally and guides the way. And about the realization, that even the most beautiful things can never stay as they are. It is a sad children’s book that touched me and left me at the same time with a smile and optimistic. Enriched.


 Jeroen van Haele has written comfort and balm for the heart. His themes are farewell and letting go, perfectly prepared to ponder and let go for a while yourself. My love for children’s books proves more and more to be the right way. I would recommend anybody to pick one of these beautiful books and read them in bed. I slept so well, on a wave with Emilio.

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  1. Jeroen Van Haele

    Knowing that I wrote this book fifteen years ago, and reading this … Many thanks Sheila.

    Jeroen Van Haele

    1. Sheila

      Dear Mr. Van Haele,

      what an honor to hear from you. Your book was (is) an inspiration and wonderful memory of mine.


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