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Exploring Rome:
My Top Three Tips


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Vintage, photo location and design market: time for a break between the cultural treasures and exhibitions of Rome. Here come my three favorite tips for you! P.S.: this article is unpaid, I just wanted to share my discoveries with you. Enjoy.

1. Mercato Monti  Urban Market

Generally, I can highly recommend the Monti district in Rome for a stroll – not only the most beautiful vintage shops (see below) can be found here, also Santa Maria Maggiore (article here) is just a stone’s throw away. We discovered the Mercato Monti, a design and creative market, by accident. The atmosphere in the Mercato is super relaxed and creative people from all over the country offer their unique pieces here on two levels. I could have spent all of my travel budget there, so pretty (and mostly handmade!) were the clothes, accessories and, above all, decorative pieces. One of my favorites is Susanna Alberti with her “Susi Ceramics”: colorful, dreamy and hand-illustrated pottery and prints. Clear recommendation- we will be back.

Mercato Monti, Via Leonina, 46/48, 00184 Roma.
Opening hours: every Saturday / Sunday from 10 am – 8 pm 

Inside of the Mercato Monti, a design and creative market
Susanna Alberti with her "Susi Ceramics" at Mercato Monti.

2. Casa dell‘ Architettura: Photo Location | Instagram Spot

Unique architecture, no other tourists far and wide and still centrally located: No better place to take some relaxed photos and pep up your Instagram feed. Quick fact-check (find more here): The building was constructed in the 19th century and only used as an aquarium for a few years, but for art historians and art lovers it still offers a variety of interesting insights. Some of the most famous monuments of Rome had influence on the style of the facade. If you have a closer look, you may spot elements pointing to the Trevi Fountain, triumphal arches, the colosseum and not least the Pantheon. After a time of abandonment, the former aquarium was restored and is today home to the House of Architecture. Inside the space,  where tanks filled with water used to stand, there is now room for cafés, premises and a bookshop. As quiet and undiscovered this beautiful spot may be, it became a popular location for exclusive events and exhibitions during the past few years. Some of the fanciest shows of the fashion world took place here, for example by Valentino.

Casa dell‘ Architettura, Piazza Manfredo Fanti, 47, 00185 Roma.
Opening hours: Mon- Sat 9 am – sunset  (not kidding, that’s Rome)
Sundays & holidays: 9 am- 1 pm. 
Website: https://www.casadellarchitettura.it

A great location to take some relaxed photos: The Casa dell' Architettura in Rome.
Worth a visit: the Casa dell' Architecture in Rome.

3. Flamingo Vintage Store

This little vintage boutique is an absolute inside tip. Who wants to find a tender Chloé dress for about 50 euros? You will. Likewise, belts, bags and shoes are sold here. The items are not only handpicked, but also the best quality and as mentioned sold for a fair price. Pin-up meets the modern 80s and 90s, but there are also unique newer pieces by Gucci etc. hidden. By the way: already the parents of the founder of Flamingo Vintage Store had a clothes rental for theaters and cinemas. The love   with which the clothes are selected and passed on here is clearly noticeable. Also open on Sundays!

Flamingo Vintage Shop, Via del Boschetto, 123 (Monti)
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am-7.30pm; Sun 3pm-7.30pm

High quality: the Flamingo Vintage store in Rome.
High quality: the Flamingo Vintage store in Rome.
Flamingo Vintage Store in Rome
So many gorgeous clothes, so little time.

I hope you enjoyed this post, stay in touch!

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