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The Upper Belvedere in Vienna:
an oasis for the mind


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It was one of those days: gray, stressful and me not inspired at all, even though I still had a lot of creative work to do. There was no better time to take a break and walk through the light-flooded rooms of the Upper Belvedere in Vienna. A short excursion to one of the most beautiful cultural treasures in Vienna- and one of my favorite places to recharge.

Among the things I love about Vienna are the affordable annual passes for museums. As a student, I can count myself even luckier – the prices of annual tickets are for me about 30 euros, a good deal to see beauty. Therefore I am also a member of the “Friends of the Belvedere”, which is extremely useful for my studies of art history. But it’s so much more than that. For I believe: one of the most valuable gifts we can make ourselves is to spend time surrounded by grace, without ulterior motives and coercions. To revel in art and own thoughts. One of the places in Vienna that is particularly suitable for this is the Upper Belvedere.

Taleslikeart.com walking through the Upper Belvedere in Vienna.
A little walk through the Upper Belvedere, Vienna.

The Upper Belvedere had primarily the task of representation during the lifetime of its builder prince Eugene of Savoy. From the last quarter of the 1770s on, the publicly accessible imperial art gallery was housed here. Today, this cultural treasure gives shelter not only to changing exhibitions but also the famous “Kiss” by Gustav Klimt and extensive collections. The permanently exhibited works range from the Middle Ages to contemporary art. One of my favorite pictures shows Empress Maria Theresa at the inspection of troops in Wiener Neustadt. I like this insight into their imperial everyday life, far from the official portraits as ruler. That just incidental.

Empress Maria Theresia inspecting troops. Painting located at Upper Belvedere Vienna.
One of my favorite pictures: Empress Maria Theresa at the inspection of troops.

The decision to take a break from daily stress and straying through the beauty here was a good one. My little excursion worked wonders, as so often. The architecture (the Grand Staircase alone) and the lightness falling through the high windows into the stuccoed rooms of the Upper Belvedere were balm for my soul. I got inspired by the sculpture “Cupid and Psyche” by Theodor Friedl- and I dreamed. Just because. About life and love. It was exactly the right experience to get off my everyday worries. Afterwards, I finally had the energy to organize the perfect plan for my first travel with taleslikeart.com: Off to Rome.

Cupid and Psyche Upper Belvedere Vienna
Sculpture "Cupid and Psyche" by Theodor Friedl.
The magnificent Grand Staircase at the Upper Belvedere in Vienna.
In front of the magnificent Grand Staircase.

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